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A D Pottie & Co Ltd

Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors

What We Do


  • Helping you balance your books and comply with the law, but more importantly looking to the future.
  • With us as your accountant, you have peace of mind knowing that we make sure that all your numbers add up and are sent to the right place at the right time.
  • We have the time and skills to look after your statutory obligations, allowing you to focus on your business


  • We can help you find the best way forward.
  • We have a whole range of accountancy services to save you time and money, identify the key numbers that matter to your business today to take it to where you want the future to be.
  • Find the right solutions at every stage of your business journey to help you get where you need to be
  • Keep your tax bills down and hang on to more of what you earn


  • We will work with you to grow your business, create a clear concise business plan with goals and objectives so that you know how effective your marketing is at driving sales and that your systems and processes are working efficiently.
  • When the time is right to develop an exit strategy, whether you want to sell, step back and bring in a manager or pass the business on to your family we can help.
  • The right structure will protect you; your family and the business itself, allow you to secure the future of your loved ones and eventually pass more on.
  • Working with us you have the confidence that you can trust and rely on our highly experienced qualified team.
  • Over the years we have developed relationships with a number of the leading professionals in the UK whose skill and expertise we can call upon as required.
  • 1 Church Street, Fintona, Omagh BT78 2BR
  • 028 8284 0162
  • info@adpottie.co.uk